You may prefer hiring Dog Love Solutions because:

• We have a Veterinarian in the team. How great is that?

• We are fully licensed and insured, we are graduated from Dog Tec’s Dog Walking Academy and are certified dog walkers.

• We have both been certified in Pet’s First Aid and CPR.

• We are attending the Animal Behavior College, working towards training certification.

• We are very flexible and affordable services are offered 24/7.

• Our first priority is your dog’s safety, happiness and well being that’s why our pack is supervised by two of us at all times. Fresh water is always provide during our walks. At the end of each adventure we give your pup a thorough “head to tail” check up and towel off any wet, sand or dirty and send you pictures of your pup having fun and also notes of any behavior concerns or successes.

• We practice basic manners and we will constantly work with your pooch to improve skills like recall, sit, leave it, and wait as tools to set your dogs up for success and good associations on our fun Dog Day Trip!

• We don’t just walk your pup, we play with them, we bring toys, balls, frisbee, we have fun, lot’s of fun. We get attached with all the dogs on our pack they are our family!

• By using any of our services you are also helping local Shelters in the Bay Area and also helping stop Animal Cruelty and very poor shelters in Brazil, learn more about it by clicking on our “donation page”.